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Finding a buyer for an old vehicle can be challenging, especially when it is from your location. USJunkYard eliminates the hassle of looking for junk buyers. We connect you with trustworthy car dealerships near you. Try us now for top cash offers for junk cars!

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Find Junk Yards Near Me
What Kind of Cars Can Get Cash Near Me?

What Kind of Cars Can Get Cash Near Me?

You can get cash by selling cars of all types, models, and any condition. If your vehicle is drivable, you are likely to get a higher quote as compared to a salvage one which can no longer run on the road. Given below are different types of cars that can be sold for cash:

  1. If your car has been damaged in an accident, it becomes salvage and can still get you cash.
  2. If you have repaired your damaged car but are not satisfied with its performance, it can also be sold.
  3. The car parked at your garage in a non-drivable condition can earn you cash by selling.
  4. You can also sell vehicles with mechanical damage whose repairing costs exceed their actual worth.
  5. Another type of car that can get cash is the one whose engine has been blown.
  6. Finally, if you have an old car in drivable condition, but you want to buy its latest model. You can get a competitive offer for this vehicle in just a few minutes.

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

  1. 1. Car Dealerships

    1. Car Dealerships

    Car dealers are brokers who sell and purchase both vintage and new vehicles. Plenty of these dealers would be available in your area. To sell your vintage vehicle to any of these car dealers, get their contact information from the internet and schedule a meeting tomorrow.

  2. 2. Online Companies

    2. Online Companies

    Another good option to sell cars is online companies, which give customers a digital platform to sell or purchase vehicles of their choice. Instead of physically visiting the showroom, just upload the required information and sell your junk car without getting out of your bed.

  3. 3. Spare Parts Recyclers

    3. Spare Parts Recyclers

    A vintage vehicle might not be suitable for the road, but its spare parts can be recycled and used in new vehicles. Hence, spare parts dealers purchase vintage vehicles, disassemble them and recycle their spare parts for future use. You can get a wad of cash in return that will help you buy a new car.

  4. 4. Independent Repair Shops

    4. Independent Repair Shops

    Private repair shops also buy old vintage vehicles and resell them to new customers after refurbishment. You can find such repair shops in your surroundings and get a decent amount by selling your junk car. Even if your car is not in a good condition, the shop owner would buy it to use its spare parts.

Why Sell Your Junk Car to USJunkYard

Are you looking for an online marketplace or website that can purchase your vintage car at higher rates? If yes, USJunkYard can be the best place to sell your junk car for cash.

  1. 1. We Buy Junk Cars with Any Condition

    1. We Buy Junk Cars with Any Condition

    USJunkYard is the only platform that pays you the most cash for junk cars. We offer highly competitive rates for vintage vehicles of all models, types, and conditions. However, if your car is in a good condition and meets the set criteria, you are likely to get higher rates that meet your desired expectations.

  2. 2. We Pick up Your Car for Free

    2. We Pick up Your Car for Free

    USJunkYard simplifies the car selling process. You can get an instant quote for your junk car by providing us with a few details online. Once you accept the offer, we send the towing truck to pick up your car from your home for free. Eventually, you get paid within 24-48 hours via a check.

  3. 3. Fast on the Spot Payment

    3. Fast on the Spot Payment

    Gone are the days when you had to wait for weeks or months to receive your payment. At USJunkYard, we try our best to pay car owners in the minimum possible time. As soon as the junk car reaches USJunkYard, we issue the check, and customers receive the whole payment within 1-2 days.

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How Much Money Can You Get for Your Junk Car?

1. Vehicle Type/Model

The first thing that matters a lot to determine the offer is the type of vehicle a customer has. The newest models of cars that are suitable enough to be driven on the road are expected to stay on the top. On the other hand, outdated models that have almost completed their approximate age cannot be used for traveling. Instead, they are sent to the scrap dealers or spare parts vendors. Hence, you might not get a higher price for vintage cars like the 1980s models of Volkswagen, Geo Metro, etc.

2. Vehicle Condition

The car’s condition is also an important factor in determining the approximate price of a junk car. If your vehicle’s engine is powerful enough to travel long distances, you will get a high offer. Such cars need not be crushed; rather, they can be dismantled to use their spare parts or even resold to other customers. Therefore, a junk car that can start and run on the road can be worth twice as much as a dead vintage.

3. Vehicle Title

Junk cars with no title are worthless because they cannot be resold and have to be crushed. Such cars are no more than a piece of scrap with no market value. Hence, they receive much lower offers due to limited sale options. Contrary to this, if you hold the title of your vehicle, you can sell it at higher rates because your car’s ownership can be transferred to the new owner. Such a car can be officially registered and legally authorized to be driven on the road. Hence, expect a higher offer for it.

How Can I Get Cash for My Car?

Stop dealing with strangers or sorting through lowball offers, sell a used car to USJunkYard and get the price you deserve. Follow this simple process to junk your car for cash at USJunkYard:

  1. 1. Provide Vehicle Details

    1. Provide Vehicle Details

    First of all, provide basic details about your junk car so that its price could be estimated. We need information such as:

    • Car make and model
    • The odometer mileage
    • Manufacturing year
    • Owner’s full name
    • Owner’s complete address
    • Owner’s complete address
    • Owner’s contact information including phone number and email address
  2. 2. Sell or Trade from Home

    2. Sell or Trade from Home

    After submitting your junk car’s details to the USJunkYard, wait for a few minutes so that we can calculate the estimated price. Even if your vintage vehicle is totaled, damaged, or repaired, USJunkYard will make an offer that would exceed your expectations. Accept the offer so that we can pick up the vehicle from your home via towing truck.

  3. 3. Get Paid Instantly

    3. Get Paid Instantly

    Once we have received your junk vehicle, we will issue a check in your name. Hence, instead of waiting for weeks or months to sell your vintage vehicle, you can get rid of it in less than 1-2 days and get a competitive offer. Looks unbelievable, but it is true! Log on to USJunkYard today and get the best offer for your junk car in a short time.

How Can I Get Cash for My Car?

What Should You Need to Consider Before Junk Your Car?

Do you own a scrap automobile and want cash for it but feel a little confused about who to sell it to? Car dealers, junkyards, and private buyers have different offers. However, not all can adequately evaluate a mechanically damaged, totaled, or less-than-perfect car. Save your time and effort with USJunkYard. We plug you into a nationwide network of buyers offering top dollar.

Here are easy-to-follow steps to junk your car near you:

1. Collect Your Paperwork

First of all, you need to collect your paperwork and locate the following items before considering to junk your car:

  • Pink Slip

    Also called your car’s title, the pink slip gives owners the legal right to junk their vintage vehicles. Make sure you have this pink slip in your hand but don’t sign it yet.

  • Loan History

    Have you paid all pending installments of your vehicle? If not, get in touch with the lender and get his/her approval to sell your car.

  • Visit DMV

    Visit the official website of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and download documents required to transfer the vehicle ownership.

  • Vehicle History Report

    Finally, get an updated vehicle history report containing information about the number of owners, accidents, and repairs in the past.

Step 2: Check the buyers’ licenses:

We all want a legit deal and must verify the junkyard is licensed. Look out if they have permits and visit the yard to see who is the authorized person.

Step 3: Check for customer reviews about the buyer:

Once you google and decide the right junk company or yard, check for other customer reviews and satisfaction. Check if they have an online presence and avoid those without. Going through people’s judgments will save you the hard work if most are not happy. Their social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more can shed more light.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Do Junkyards Give Money For Cars?

    Yes, junkyards are a suitable option to sell junk cars in minimal time. You might get paid instantly, but the offer would be much less than you expected. Hence, junkyards are not considered the best choice for selling junk cars because you won’t get a fair quote and will have to wait for weeks to receive your payment. Hence, prefer USJunkYard which buys junk vehicles at higher rates and pays sellers in just 24-48 hours.

  • 2. How Do I Give My Car To A Junkyard?

    You can easily locate a junkyard near you by using phrases like “junkyard near me” or “junk my car for cash near me.” Nevertheless, these junkyards neither offer free towing nor give you fair market rates. Instead, we recommend websites like USJunkYard that don’t charge for towing and give fair offers for junk cars.

  • 3. What Is Considered A Junk Car?

    The term junk car refers to those vehicles that are either too old to be drivable or have been badly damaged in an accident. Such vehicles are worthless and can be dangerous for drivers. Instead of risking your life or taking your vehicle to a repair shop every weekend, better sell it to USJunkYard and buy a new one for you.

  • 4. What Paperwork Should I Prepare When Selling My Car?

    Make sure you have the following documents when selling your junk vehicle:

    • Ownership certificate
    • Vehicle history report
    • Warranty documentation
    • Bill of sale
    • Title
    • As-Is documentation
    • Maintenance records

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USJunkYard is all about trust, transparency, and reliability. Having been dealing in junk cars for years, the company is trusted by thousands of car owners in the US. USJunkYard has proudly served customers across all American states. Visit USJunkYard today and get a higher price for your junk car.

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